Own Your Solar Panels Now! Have you ever considered installing solar for your home but assumed that it was too expensive? Or maybe you are waiting until solar technology improves and its cost goes down? Then, I should advise you to wait no longer! It is high time that you jump on the solar bandwagon […]

Facebook to Power its Data Centers 100% by Renewable Energy After our latest article on Apple going on a green energy shopping spree, let’s see what Facebook has to say about going green. The social media giant has also vowed to reduce its GHG emission by 75% and use 100% renewable energy by the end […]

Apple’s 100% Renewable Energy Commitment Apple, the largest tech giant in the world has vowed to run 100% on renewable energy and has been successful in achieving the same. Running all your global facilities fully on sustainable energy is no small feat for a company as large as Apple, having a huge geographic footprint. Today […]

Floating solar plants in West Bengal Did you know that the eastern state of West Bengal is a pioneer in solar technology in India? Yes, WB government-owned WEBEL was one of the first manufacturers of solar energy panels in the country. However, the state failed to gather the required momentum around solar technology afterward. Even as other […]

Solar At Indian Petrol Pumps Solar energy has become the biggest enemy of fossil fuels in modern times. Given its green credentials and falling costs, it has now become very competitive with traditional sources of power. But in India, solar power is helping the fuel pump stations in a big way. Many petrol pumps in […]

Other than the green credentials, increasing grid power tariffs for commercial and industrial consumers, falling prices for renewable projects has propelled a faster adoption of solar power by the Indian corporates. Companies can buy renewable power through corporate renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Corporate renewable PPAs help companies reduce current electricity costs and increase visibility over […]