ReGen Villages Paving way for the Future The rising problem of population explosion is looming over mankind today. With an increasing number of people, on earth, there is a problem of feeding more mouths and generating more jobs for idle hands. Another issue that is complementary to these is the non-availability of basic necessities like […]

Huawei Solar Inverters India becomes one of the top five solar markets in the world. The country is trying to reduce its carbon footprint by installing more and more solar, wind and other renewable energy assets. The country holds a huge potential for the large foreign solar panel and inverter companies who have been eyeing […]

25% Safeguard Duty in India So finally, after a lot of deliberation, India has imposed a 25% safeguard duty on solar imports from neighboring countries like China and Malaysia. We at Greenworldinvestor have already discussed the beneficiaries and the pros and cons of the duty imposition. While we understand the overall project cost will go […]

Green Giveaways Giving away promotional items is a popular way for most businesses and companies to give their brand some exposure and to get their brand into the hands of its attendees. This practice, however, can have a significant impact on the environment. Do not be the company whose name appears on giveaway items which […]

Plastic bottle houses Plastic is rapidly becoming a big hazard for the environment. With rising levels of consumerism, the usage of single-use plastic has risen considerably. Packaged food and drinks have become a common snack for today’s generation who carelessly dispose off the packets. It takes close to 500 – 1000 years to degrade just […]