Is MNRE overreacting by putting a limit on the solar power tariffs? The MNRE has decided to cap the maximum solar power tariff at INR 2.5 and INR 2.68 per unit for developers using indigenous and imported solar cells and panels. India has witnessed a solar tariff as low as INR 2.44 per unit. The safeguard […]

Lubi Solar – A Rising Star in the Indian Solar Industry With India becoming a hot solar developing hub, there is a lot of excitement amongst industry to start or diversify into solar. A pro-renewable energy government at the center and improving dynamics of solar energy, has improved the viability of solar energy as the conventional […]

Plastic Roads We keep on hearing the hazardous effects of plastic pollution around the world. With the convenience and easy availability of plastic products and packages, it has slowly become a part of our lives and has made a permanent place in our households. Until and unless very strict rules are made barring plastic use, […]

80 GW Wind Capacity by 2022 India continues on its renewable energy commitment with measurable progress around the solar and wind industries. While solar has clearly stolen the first spot, wind energy is following closely. According to the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA), the Indian wind industry is expected to meet the 60 GW target […]

Numbers that Led to Safeguard Duty in India We at Greenworldinvestor, have been quite vocal about Safeguard duties in India. The ministry recently stayed the imposition with just a few weeks of passing a 25% duty imposition on India’s neighboring countries like China, Malaysia and Taiwan. There has been a lot of ongoing debate about […]

US Solar Tariffs President Trump’s protectionist policies in the US have costed a large number of jobs in the solar industry. The Trump tariffs announced in January 2018 imposed tariffs on solar panels that were manufactured outside the United States. The tariffs will be 30% initially and decline to 15% over the next four years (reducing by […]