Benefits of Gujarat’s Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Policy-2018 The state of Gujarat does not stop exciting the country when it comes to renewable energy policies. Its new hybrid solar-wind energy policy is a perfect example of the same. The hybrid energy policy entitles the developer to use the same piece of land to generate energy from either solar or […]

Pros & Cons of Solar Safeguard Duty in India India constantly faces the dilemma of whether to impose import duties on solar equipment or not. An imposition of 70% of safeguard duty could further raise prices by 35%-40% on one hand,  but a non-imposition could hamper the domestic manufacturing industry. The Indian solar developers import […]

The Indian wind energy went through a very painful transition last year with volumes falling drastically to around 1.5 GW when the industry was expecting around 5 GW. The change in the Indian wind subsidy structure where feed-in tariffs were abolished in favor of reverse auctions had a huge impact on the whole supply chain. The […]

With rising awareness about the benefits of solar, a large number of organizations and people are venturing into solar business. India has a huge solar potential and if played rightly, a solar company can become very successful in this country. Today there are numerous companies selling solar products or providing installation and EPC services. But […]

Solar Spill in Australia  Australia has the highest penetration of solar rooftop energy in the world with almost 20% of Australian households sporting solar systems. But now the success of solar energy is starting to bite, as too much solar energy being generated in the day is causing issues in demand absorption. As solar energy is […]

Solar Auctions India – Challenges The Indian government plans to substantially ramp up its plan to hold solar auctions as it wants the whole 100 GW of solar energy to be tendered out by 2020 so that plants can be built in time by 2022 to meet its ambitious target. However, teething problems are creeping […]