Best Solar Stocks in India India‚Äôs solar market is booming currently with the country recently achieving the 20 GW mark for solar installations. The country with its massive population has huge power needs and many parts of the country still live in darkness. The country has therefore pledged to install 100 GW of solar power […]

Solar/ PV testing labs in India India has launched an ambitious target to install 100 GW of solar power by 2022. The country is slowly but steadily moving towards this goal. In the last year itself, India touched the 20 GW installation mark which is praiseworthy. Both the center and state governments are leaving no […]

India, as a country with growing population, is always in need of more power and infrastructure. Whatever new capacity is added is seen to be exhausted too soon. The people are always on the lookout for more convenience and comfort, especially when they are commuting. The Indian cities lack proper means of public transport for […]

Floating Solar Homes – A beautiful Rooftop Solar Application As Indians, it is our dream to own a house of our own and we start saving for this dream project as soon as we start earning But have you ever thought of owning something which is not only unique but also eco-friendly and self-sustainable. Take […]

Why Coal India is building solar plants The largest domestic coal producer in India, Coal India, has decided to go solar in a big way. The company announced setting up of 20 GW of solar power over the next decade. The plan will require 40,000 hectares of land and an investment of up to INR […]