The Myth of 100% Rural Electrification in India India is a huge country with an ever-increasing demand for power. The government of India has committed to electrifying all villages by 2018 and supply power to all households by 2019. Solar and other renewable energy has a huge part to play in the Indian rural electrification. Many rural […]

NTPC Invites Bids for 2GW Wind & Solar The growth of distributed renewable energy has been quite aggressive over the recent years, as solar and wind energy get cheaper than even coal power in most parts of the world. Not only is renewable energy cheaper, but also environment-friendly. With rising global warming, nations have pledged to increase their […]

Moser Baer Solar Moser Baer Solar is a leading name in the Indian solar industry. Moser Baer Solar and Moser Baer Photo Voltaic are subsidiaries of Moser Baer India Ltd. The company has an installed solar power generation capacity of 250 MW. However, the company has lately come under pressure with mounting debt. The company […]

Solar Panels Exempted in India The Indian government has exempted imported solar panels from customs duty, bringing huge relief to solar project developers in India. Solar panels had been earlier classified as electrical motors and generators which would have attracted 7.5% customs duty. Since 90% of solar panels used in India are imported from China, Malaysia, and Taiwan, a […]

Largest Tech Companies Go Green in USA Tech Giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are not only reaching new heights in terms of new technology but also in one more field. These leading technology companies are increasingly using more renewable sources of energy like wind and solar to quench their huge power needs. Google, […]

Solar Powered Cold Storage Portable Units India is the second largest producer of horticulture commodities producing fruits and vegetable in millions of metric tonnes each year. However, since the very nature of these commodities is perishable in nature, these have to be sold out within a stipulated time before getting spoilt. None of us are […]