What happens to A Solar panel after its Stipulated life? A solar panel has an expected lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Over the ears of its life, a solar panel incessantly works towards absorbing light from the sun and converting it into useful energy. As such, the performance of a solar panel degrades over […]

Solar – The Social Cause Solar power is catching momentum in different parts of the world. With improving technology and reducing costs, solar energy is here to stay forever. The Indian solar power prices have fallen to as low as INR 2.44/ kWh, touching record lows and competing with fossil fuel generated power in the […]

Batteries having lithium as their anode are lithium batteries. Having introduced somewhere around 1980-1990s, these batteries have completely revolutionized the portable electronics market such as cellular telephones and laptop computers. Its high energy density and reducing prices makes it ideal to be used in electric vehicles. The lithium-ion batteries find increased applications in booming electronic, […]