Bank Loans For India Rooftop Solar Rooftop solar is still in a distressed condition in India. In spite of the government enacting several laws and incentives, rooftop solar failed to gain the required momentum in the country.  While construction of solar farms and ground-mounted PV technologies is the most prevalent in India, other forms like […]

Solar plus Storage Market In Australia The extremely high costs of retail electricity in Australia has made it a hot market for solar energy plus storage systems. Sonnen and Tesla were the two players who were providing solar plus storage systems on a small scale to Australia before Tesla landed a big order for a […]

Guest Post The renewable energy industry is well past its preparation wheels stage and now offers numerous approaches to put resources into a wide range of advantages. Is this a sure thing? We are presently at the point where people and organizations can invest specifically in renewable energy ventures, even in little sums. These are […]

Chinese Solar Companies Continue to Expand Capacities The Chinese solar industry has faced numerous setbacks over the last few years but has managed to overcome all adversities to become stronger and bigger every year. The industry has seen anti-dumping duties and safeguard duties imposed by Europe and USA since 2012 in different shapes and sizes. […]

Consolidation in The Indian Solar Market India’s solar sector has seen every Tom,Dick and Harry enter the industry as there were no requirements for previous experience in solar EPC or development. The only thing that was required was the companies put up a certain amount of capital and have a net worth. This led to […]

State of Solar Manufacturing in India Despite a long history of manufacturing of solar cells and panels and massive, growing domestic demand, India currently imports 90% of solar energy products from outside (almost all of it from China). The government of India has proposed numerous schemes and policies to promote manufacturing which will lead to […]