How Can Solar Energy Benefit Indian Agriculture India is a huge agricultural country providing employment to nearly 50% of the workforce. India is the world’s largest producer of much fresh produce and it also exports them to different countries. Agriculture accounts for almost 15% of the country’s GDP. However, the Indian agriculture system suffers from […]

Smart Grid and Grid Integration is the Need of the Hour The rapidly declining cost and improving efficiency of renewable energy sources like wind and solar have led to increasing adoption of these distributed energy technologies by people and third-party service providers. As global warming and climate change concerns increase,  a faster adoption of clean energy forms […]

Pros And Cons Of Electric Vehicles The biggest advantage of using an electric vehicle is its green credential. The world at large has finally woken up to the fact that fossil fuel based vehicles are one of the major causes of increased global warming and pollution all around the world. With increasing population and commercialization, […]

Guest Post Solar has come a long way since its humble and costly beginnings back in the 1970s. Many people call renewable initiatives like solar, the power of the future. That comes as no shock when you realize that the Earth is consistently receiving over 173,000 Terawatts of power from the sun’s rays. This is […]

Budget 2018 – Solar And Wind Energy, India A total of INR 3,762 crore is allocated for grid-interactive renewable energy schemes and projects under the Budget. Out of this more than 50% goes to solar (roughly INR 2,045 crore), while 20% of the funds (~INR 750 crore) will go towards the wind sector. The funds […]

India RE Target And Action Plan India had already installed around 16 GW of solar capacity by October 2017. It also announced an aggressive auction plan to boost further installations in the coming years. Nearly 17 GW of solar power capacity is expected to be auctioned by March 2018, and 30 GW of capacity will […]