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A Solar Umbrella Could Ease Problems In Your Next Vacation

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Solar Umbrella

One of the major concerns while touring is that your phone’s battery is constantly running out. Nowadays we need a smartphone for everything, it becomes even more important when we are out on a vacation or visiting a new place. A few inevitable reasons why we need a smartphone are for navigation, for booking a cab, clicking pictures and making calls of course :)

Amidst all these tasks, your phone’s battery is always almost approaching a dead state. Though we have power banks, it is another story to charge them as well, from time to time. When I am out on a vacation, I always end up in a fight with my family, given the heat or one wrong turn and finally a dead phone. Imagine a happy situation when you didn’t have to navigate and could walk hands-free in shade.

Yes, that could be possible if you were using a Solar Umbrella. A solar umbrella is just like a normal umbrella fitted with solar panels. Travelers/ walkers can use this conveniently while walking on the streets. A Solar Umbrella gets charged from the sun’s light through panels attached on its surface. This charge is then stored in its handle. The handle houses USB ports, flashlights and GPS navigation system to make your life easy. You just have to carry the umbrella while it gives directions and you don’t have to break your head. You can also charge your devices such as smartphones while on the go. A flashlight can also be used during the evenings or when its dark. A small fan can also be installed to cool you down.

Here is a video showing the working of A Solar Umbrella

Source: Times of Oman

In a past article, we had written about Sun Shades which make it easier for us to work outdoors effortlessly and save traveling and fuel costs. All that is needed is an energy point, wireless connection and the sun shades (with solar panels attached). They can be installed by the swimming pool or in the garden area. Ideally suited to create a blog space for bloggers who would like to step out of their homes and have an office atmosphere around!

A solar umbrella could be of great use for people on the go especially who walk or cycle long distances for work. It is a cool solar product and cools you off literally :)


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