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All You Wanted to Know About Off-Grid Solar System in India

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What is an off-grid solar system

An off-grid solar system in India is generally more prevalent in the Indian market. An off-grid solar system typically consists of solar panels, inverter, mounting structure, power backup, grid box and balance of systems. An off-grid solar system works independently of the grid. The panels absorb sunlight during the day and stores the excess power generated to be used during night time. Read Three Successful Off-Grid Solar Models in India

In contrast, an on grid solar system works in collaboration with the power grid. In case there is not enough sunlight to meet your power demand, your home or office will run on power supplied from the grid. Such a system is used when your power consumption is high and you want to reduce your electricity bills. People generally prefer off-grid solar system in India because of non-clarity around net metering norms in different states. Also, approval of government subsidies in the residential rooftop segment is based on various clearances and proper documentation. All these have proven to be major hurdles for the on-grid market in India.

Solar System For Your Different Needs

A 500 W off-grid solar system easily supports the running of two fans and two lights. A 3-4 bhk home can be easily powered by a 1 kW solar system. If you are planning to run an AC then you should use a 5 kW system. A 10 kW off-grid solar system is used for commercial setups like a shop, office, clinic etc.

Off-grid solar systems are a favorable choice where power problem is acute and there is no reliable power supply.

Solar System Price for Home

A solar system for home in India consists of solar panels, solar inverter, solar battery, and other accessories.

A 1 kW off-grid solar system will cost you around INR 95,000. You can buy it from here. A 3 kW off-grid solar system will cost you INR 2,85,000, 5 kW solar system is available at INR 4,75,000 whereas a 10 kW system comes for INR 9,50,00. 

Most of these solar systems come with a 5-year warranty. The solar panels have a 25-year warranty.

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