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5 Tips To Go Green This Diwali!

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Celebrate Green Diwali

Tomorrow is Diwali and we are all gearing up for the biggest festival of the year. Here’s wishing all my readers A Very Happy & Green Diwali! But let us pledge to do things differently this year! We have been hearing about celebrating a “Green Diwali” this year a lot. I am not discussing the pollution levels in the country because that makes me extremely sad and we should pep up our festive mood as it’s Diwali. So do you know how to celebrate a Green Diwali? In this article, we shall touch upon 5 Tips To go Green This Diwali! These are the five most important actions that are the need of the hour.

Green crackers

5. Buy Eco-Friendly Diwali Favors

We buy gifts for our friends and family during Diwali. This year let’s pledge to exchange eco-friendly gifts, which will reduce our overall carbon footprint. You can choose between indoor/ outdoor plants or earthen pots and kitchenware. These green plants are not only environment-friendly but will also increase the face value of your home. Buy street side kitchenware made out of clay. These are colorful and come in a variety of choices.

4. Use Recyclable Products this Diwali

Try and look for products which are recyclable and will reduce any kind of pollution. For example, buy more of earthen lanterns or ‘diyas’ which celebrate the essence of traditional Diwali. Use flowers to make rangolis outside your homes.

3. Buy Solar Lights for Diwali Decoration

Light up its Diwali! But wherever possible use solar lights for decorating for gardens, lawns, patios, windows, balconies etc. Solar has become too mainstream and there are a host of solar lights available in the market to choose from. I have myself bought solar string lights for the festival this year.

Buy Solar Diwali Lights to Go Eco-friendly this Festive Season!


2. Follow ‘Swachh Bharat’ this Diwali

I have noticed that a day prior to Diwali, people are all busy cleaning and decorating their homes but post-Diwali the same people are found littering roads with the previous days’ waste like food, flowers, etc. A large quantity of non-biodegradable waste e.g. disposables, plastic gift wrapping papers etc. is also generated during festivities which ends up in landfills. Let’s vow to reduce the waste and dispose of them in eco-friendly ways.

1. Refrain from burning crackers

The spirit of the festival is not in burning crackers. Instead, you can distribute food and sweets to the poor from the money you save from buying crackers. They will appreciate you more and you will also experience an expansion within. Cracker sales are already down this year owing to the growing awareness of the ill-effects of bursting crackers. You can opt for soundless crackers and the ones which emit less smoke.  Also read, Can You Buy Green Crackers This Diwali!

Let us take the responsibility to celebrate a Green Diwali this year and set a good example for our children. Let us all do our bit and make this world a better place for our next generations to come!!


Sneha Shah

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