While doing a recent article, I came across FAQs by MNRE regarding Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Systems. I found them very helpful and wanted to share with my readers, in case you haven’t come across this one. The list is by no means exhaustive but attempts at answering most of the common questions that spring in […]

The Funda of Green Crackers With Diwali around the corner, we Indians get over excited about cleaning, lighting and burning crackers. But somehow the earlier zeal is missing … I know age is a factor but more importantly, it’s the pollution that is hampering the festive spirit. The air quality, especially in metropolitan cities in India, has […]

Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme In order to boost rooftop solar generation in Delhi, the Delhi cabinet in September approved the ‘Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme’. This scheme will offer residents installing rooftop solar panels a subsidy on their electricity bill for a period of five years. Currently, the Indian capital has only 105 MW of solar capacity installed […]

Why e-cars have failed to gain momentum in India Electric car sales plunged 40% so far in FY18, despite government’s efforts to electrify the Indian fleet. Sales of electric car declined by 1200 units y/y in FY18. There are many factors which have led to a poor adoption rate of electric cars in India. The […]

Solar energy has been found to be of immense use to mankind. Can you imagine a day or two if the sun does not shine? Isn’t it so depressing? Not only for our general well being, but solar energy is being immensely used for our huge growing power needs. Solar has found a large number of applications […]

Rooftop Solar threat to Australian Utilities The electricity market globally is undergoing a major paradigm change which is perhaps the biggest since Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb. The advent of cheap renewable energy, distributed generation, EVs and storage are leading to huge changes which most of the large electricity utilities are finding difficult to adjust […]