The Indian power industry is a tough place with falling prices and utilities which refuse to honor their past commitments. The whole Indian electricity sector is undergoing a massive upheaval with prices dropping drastically with both solar and wind prices in recent auctions going below the INR 2.5/kWh mark or less than USD 4 cents/unit. […]

Safeguard Duty On Solar Panel Import in India The Directorate General of Safeguards, Customs and Central Excise has found a preliminary case of imposing a 70% safeguard duty on the import of solar panels into India. The quantum of the duty is much higher than what would have been dreamed by the petitioners who belong […]

Toshiba’s Westinghouse nuclear division sold The nuclear equipment market which used to be dominated by the likes of GE, Toshiba, and Hitachi, is almost half dead with new nuclear power plants hardly being built anywhere in the world after the Fukushima incident. The rapid decline in costs of solar energy and wind energy has further dealt […]

The distorted electricity market in Australia is the biggest factor in the record pace of solar installations being seen in the country. Australia racked up more than 1 GW in solar capacity in 2017 with most of the installation being less than 10 kW in size. Unlike other countries, Australia has built most of its […]

Import Duties On Solar Panels in India The recent fracas between the customs department and the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) may result in an unexpected negative surprise for the solar development community. The customs department had reclassified solar panels in a different customs code which resulted in a 10% overall duty on […]

Solar Energy Prices Lowest in India Stiff competition in India’s solar sector has kept a check on the prices of solar energy with the most recent tender in one of the largest solar parks showing a price of less than USD 4 cents/kWh. Though the prices were around 1% higher than the lowest ever price […]