USA Safeguard Duty on Solar Panel Imports  The Trump administration’s imposition of Section 201 safeguard duties on imports of solar panels is leading to unexpected outcomes which are not all necessarily benefiting the US manufacturing industry which it was meant for.  Some of these implications are: 1) Exempt countries to try and leverage the export opportunity – A […]

Global Solar Growth – 2018 Solar demand in 2017 has crossed the 100 GW mark for the first time ever, showing a solid growth of 26% over 2016. From being a niche small technology a decade ago, solar energy has become the largest source of energy addition in a number of countries now. This trend is […]

LED Lights As we are sailing through the 21st century, we look to become more effective and efficient in life and technology. As laptops have replaced typewriters and tablets are replacing textbooks, similarly LED lighting technology is replacing the traditional methods of lighting. For many years, LEDs were a very costly alternative to fluorescent bulbs […]

Solar Thermal – Australia The South Australian government has given an approval for $650 million solar thermal plant to be built by USA company SolarResevere. This does not make any sense in my view, given that PV solar prices have touched new all times low with lithium battery storage also showing rapidly declining prices. This […]

About Tongwei Group Tongwei Group has become one of the fastest growing solar manufacturers in the world after it rapidly increased its capacity and shipments of solar cells last year. The company not only makes solar cells but also has got 20,000 tons of polysilicon capacity which is plans to further expand. The company is rapidly […]

Waste-to-Energy in India The waste-to-energy industry in India has massive potential as there are more than 370 million urban residents in India generating thousands and thousands of tons of waste every day. Most of this waste is dumped on waste sites which are groaning under the weight of millions of tons of waste. Recently a […]