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One Like for Facebook’s Renewable Energy Commitment

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Facebook to Power its Data Centers 100% by Renewable Energy

After our latest article on Apple going on a green energy shopping spree, let’s see what Facebook has to say about going green. The social media giant has also vowed to reduce its GHG emission by 75% and use 100% renewable energy by the end of 2020. The target was set as a pledge to the Paris Agreement. Earlier Facebook was targeting the generation of 50% of its power needs from renewable energy sources by 2018, which it achieved in 2017 itself.

Facebook bought 2.5 GW of new solar and wind energy capacities in the last twelve months itself. These renewable energy sources are on the same grid as the company’s data centers. Not only are these investments good for the environment, but they are also generating ample job opportunities in the neighborhood. Once the storage industry gains traction and establishes itself, renewable sources of energy would be unstoppable and more sustainable to be used by these Tech giants.


“We are proud of the impact our renewable energy program is having on local communities and the market in general” – the company said in its press release.

Source: Facebook

The social media giant has huge power needs, given its extensive data centers around the world. Large companies have purchased a whopping 3.86 GW of renewable energy so far in 2018, especially the tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Apple is already using 100% renewable energy to meet its power needs across its facilities worldwide. Google is also following suit, while Amazon has reached the 50% mark and Microsoft aims 60% of renewable energy usage. Amazon has set a goal to power its global infrastructure using 100% renewable energy over the long term.

The fad of these large technology companies opting for renewable sources of power as a commitment towards the environment has set a huge example for the world at large, and also forced many utility companies and suppliers alike to opt for solar and wind energy sources over fossil fuel based power generation.

One of the major reasons these large technology companies are relying on renewable energy is the fact that they can ultimately reduce a large portion of their electricity expense while strengthening their overall CSR profile. Companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon have huge power needs in order to run their data centers. It is been estimated that they can consume up to 3% of the nation’s total power supply. With the technology improving both on cost and efficiency, it completely makes sense to install clean and green power.

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