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Leading US Companies Go Green and Pave the Way for Others to Follow

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Largest Tech Companies Go Green in USA

Tech Giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are not only reaching new heights in terms of new technology but also in one more field. These leading technology companies are increasingly using more renewable sources of energy like wind and solar to quench their huge power needs.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple were the top companies using renewable energy in the world in the last year. Google further announced that the company was running on 100% renewable electricity in 2017. These companies are also pushing their partners/ suppliers to go green and adopt wind and solar as their main source of power. More than 20 of Apple’s suppliers have also vowed towards using 100% renewable energy. Given the incentives to work with these larges tech companies, suppliers work towards getting things done on a green scale.

“We have the ability to shape the market,” said Michael Terrell, head of Google Energy Policy. “If you build it, we will come.”

Source: USA Today

Companies      RE (in MW)stock-footage-solar-panels-and-wind-turbines

Google               3039

Amazon               1219

Microsoft            1074

Apple                    749

Data Source: BNEF

Cumulative Wind & Solar Energy purchased as of March 2018

Many leading global companies are also following suit in rapidly adopting renewable sources of energy for their power needs. Walmart was the pioneer among the Fortune 500 companies to pledge 100% of its power from renewable energy. Other leading industry names include General Motors and Budweiser who have vowed to go completely green by 2050 and 2025, respectively. The share of renewable sources of energy in the overall US Energy mix has been steadily increasing. Renewable energy is gaining popularity given its cost and technology advantages, even though the Trump government was not very supportive of it.

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Given the dangerous implications of rising climate change and global warming concerns, it is imperative for the world to start using greener sources of power like wind and solar.


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