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all You Wanted to Know About Solar Powered Cold Storage Mobile Units in India

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Solar Powered Cold Storage Portable Units

India is the second largest producer of horticulture commodities producing fruits and vegetable in millions of metric tonnes each year. However, since the very nature of these commodities is perishable in nature, these have to be sold out within a stipulated time before getting spoilt.

None of us are ignorant about the hassles of an Indian farmer. With all his problems, when he is ultimately successful in having produced these commodities, he still has to struggle to earn a good price for all his efforts. He will have to sell his produce even at a low price if that is the rate prevailing in the market. It is estimated that about 30% of the national produce gets wasted due to lack of proper storage facilities. With 10 million tonnes of cold storage capacity required in India, there is a huge dearth of storage infrastructure in the country.

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Solar Cold storage

A solar-powered cold storage unit offers the best solution in this regard. The cold storage chamber comes with a puff insulated walk-in type structure fitted with a vapour compression refrigeration system and a humidifier. It has solar panels attached to it rooftops and comes with a minimum battery backup. The solar plant generates about 70–110 kWh/day which is sufficient to operate the cold storage unit. The maintenance cost is also quite less. Farmers are also finding it simple to use with apps directing the usage. For example, a farmer just has to select which fruit/ vegetable is required to be stored. The unit itself makes the necessary settings and starts functioning. It is portable and can also be moved from one farm to another thus serving a community purpose.

At present, the cost of a solar-powered cold storage unit is about INR 10-20 lakhs. Note: A lot of the cost also depends upon the size The payback period of the cold storage system is expected to be 10 years. Many states in India are considering subsidizing the product for the well being of the farmers and citizens who can get fresh food.

The cost of the solar-powered cold storage system (6–8 tonne capacity) with 20 kWp solar power plant and battery backup (240 v, 450 ah) will be about Rs. 20 lakh (with 15 percent financial assistance on SPV panel from MNRE).

India is predominantly an agrarian country and a Solar Powered Cold Storage Mobile Unit can become a breakthrough product.


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