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Thinking of Buying a New Home – Take A Look At These Floating Solar Homes!

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Floating Solar Homes – A beautiful Rooftop Solar Application

As Indians, it is our dream to own a house of our own and we start saving for this dream project as soon as we start earning :) But have you ever thought of owning something which is not only unique but also eco-friendly and self-sustainable. Take a look at these Floating Solar Homes!


Yes, architects have already done it! designed by renowned Italian architect, Giancarlo Zema, WaterNest is an eco-friendly floating solar house, with 100 square meters circular layout, 12 meters in diameter and 4 metres in height, having balconies and large windows to enjoy fascinating views over the water. Not only do these houses look beautiful from the outside, but sophisticated furnishings and tasteful designs make it a cool living option. Here is a video of the same:

These houses can also be customized depending on the different housing or working needs and can be used as an ecological house, office, lounge bar, restaurant, shop or exhibition floating space. A floating home can be situated along river courses, lakes, bays, atolls and sea areas with calm waters. It has solar panels seamlessly attached to its rooftops which increases its aesthetic value and also makes it a low-consumption residential habitat. Power from the solar panels can be used for lighting and air-conditioning. In addition, each house is designed focusing on internal natural micro-ventilation and air conditioning. Each of these houses is constructed using recyclable materials made entirely of recycled laminated timber and a recycled aluminum hull.

It could a beautiful and environment-friendly living option especially for many in the developing economies. Our houseboats in Kashmir could adopt some of these options and convert into self-sustainable and greener units. These houseboat owners/ operators currently use diesel or kerosene engines to run their houseboats, polluting the lakes and air in Kashmir. In fact, a Parliamentary Committee had also suggested introducing solar panels over the roof of the houseboats to meet a large portion of their energy demands and curb pollution, especially in Kashmir and Kerala where houseboats are the main tourists’ attraction.

The Indian real estate developers should start thinking along these lines and create something that has beautiful aesthetics, eco-friendly and anti-polluting.


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