Solar Slowdown in Europe Europe had started the solar energy revolution with high feed-in tariffs allowing the industry to attain scale and reduce costs. However, as large capacities got built in major countries such as Spain and Germany, solar energy capacity growth has declined in the recent year even as the global growth rates have […]

Tesla A Great Short! Tesla had no business buying Solarcity for $2.6 billion at a time when the whole business model of the rooftop solar energy PPA was coming under pressure. While Tesla explained the acquisition was being executed in the pursuit of a grand plan to merge EVs and solar, the actual reason was […]

Guest Article In recent years, wind turbines have become a common sight across the world, as countries race to do their bit to cut emissions and provide a more sustainable form of energy for the future. But, how much do we really know about these structures and the process of generating power from wind? Here […]

Wind Vs Solar in India The Indian wind manufacturing industry has grown in a protected environment in which high feed-in tariffs paid by states allowed developers and wind turbine players to make abnormal profits for a long time. The high entry barriers in the form of a limited land parcel with high wind velocities and […]

Solar in Australian Commercial and Industrial Segments Solar energy in Australia has mostly taken off due to the feed-in tariffs paid to residential customers installing rooftop solar energy. This has led to more than 20% of Australian households having rooftop solar systems. However, the offtake of solar energy in the industrial and commercial segments has not […]