Industrial giant Siemens is cutting a large number of jobs in its energy business as renewable energy has substantially disrupted its existing oil and gas divisions. Siemens will make the cuts at its Power and Gas division, as well as at its Process Industries and Drives division, which makes large mechanical drives for oil and gas […]

Guest Post Ethical investment is a huge talking point in the modern age, with an estimated 47% of Brits now likely to include sustainable and Eco-friendly assets over traditional vehicles. If you are going to make such investments profitable as well as sustainable, however, you will need to adopt a strategic and informed mindset. Here […]

Is the Australian Government Abandoning its Climate and Environment Responsibility The Australian government in its National Energy Guarantee (NEG) plan has given short shrift to renewable energy with a plan of installing only 8% to 36% of power generation projected to come from renewables by 2030. There are no incentives or subsidies for renewables under this scheme. […]

Growing Demand for Oil Till 2040 – Really..?? The premier international agency IEA has not been the best forecasters, as it continues to underestimate the penetration of renewable energy and decrease in fossil fuel consumption. It is more of a follower rather than a predictor of future energy mix and growth. In its new energy outlook while it […]

Solar Inhibits New Coal Power Plants Solar energy is not only becoming a problem for existing fossil fuel plants with its ever decreasing prices (already fallen below that of coal in India), but also plans for new coal power plants. The power industry has worked on the business model of long-term power purchase contracts (PPAs) […]

World’s Largest Solar Tender in India In an attempt to boost its domestic manufacturing, India is planning to launch an aggressive 20 GW Solar Tender which is also the world’s largest solar tender. India has a huge potential for the solar market. The country receives around 300 sunny days a year that’s more than 80% […]