Solar And Electric Vehicles Could Be Game-changing Technologies The industry has repeatedly failed to understand the rapid growth in solar energy update driven by the relentless cut in solar energy costs. The price of solar panels has decreased by a whopping 85% as per a recent study done by the Imperial College in London. Similarly […]

Another small Solar Cell And Module Factory in India Indian solar manufacturing has been in a woeful state thanks to the fragmented nature of its capacity with almost a hundred companies owning a combined 5000 MW of capacity. Compare this with global giants like Trina Solar and Jinko Solar which alone have a capacity of 5000 […]

Carpooling Makes A Lot Of Sense in India The Indian cities are groaning under thousands of new cars added to their roads every day. Given that India’s per capita vehicle ownership is quite low, the number of cars that will be added In the coming years will keep growing. Given India’s high population density, adopting […]

Solar Powered Water Purifier As per UNICEF, millions of people in India die every year from diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia related to contaminated water, including 600,000 children. With most people in India earning less than $2 a day, there is very little money to access purified water. The Indian government and its supporting arms […]

Solar Enters The Finance World Too Solar energy has found increased application in all walks of life. With the prices going down drastically, masses have started using solar energy to satisfy their day to day needs both on a large and a small scale. You can see large solar parks, rooftops adorned with solar panels, […]

Guest Post Renewable energies are becoming increasingly viable as investment opportunities, particularly for large scale investments. However, although renewables remain in vogue, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re solid investments. So, with this in mind, is solar the best investment choice for 2017? Reasons to Invest in Solar Now the price of renewables-generated electricity is […]