Solar Global Price Dynamics India has not only become the poster boy of the solar energy and climate change fight by showing massive growth in solar capacity over the last few years and is all set to become the 3rd largest market for solar panels in 2017. The country has not only become a big solar […]

GST on Solar India is set to become the rising solar power in the world. The country has installed an impressive 5,525.98 MW in 2016-17 according to MNRE. India is poised to become the third largest solar market globally, with its solar capacity to touch 18.7 GW by 2017. The solar industry in India has […]

A Mumbai Housing Complex Goes Green! I recently read an article which criticized the lack of civic sense in tourists visiting Leh in recent years. It stated how people visiting the valley were inconsiderate about the place and dumped plastic bottles which are not only killing the beauty of the place, but also the environment. […]

Indian Solar Prices The Indian solar prices hit an all-time record low of INR 2.44/kWh or around 3.8 cents last month for a solar park in the desert state of Rajasthan. This brought a major paradigm change for India’s energy sector, as solar has become much cheaper than all other sources of energy even coal. […]

Companies facing disruption from RE European utilities have been the first utilities to face disruption from renewable energy with many of them seeing their share prices and earnings plummet, with renewable energy penetration ramping up rapidly in many of the European countries like Germany, Denmark, Spain, UK etc. These companies realize the danger to the traditional […]

While we think that Tesla stock is overpriced and could face disruption from other automobile majors as they step on the gas on the electric vehicle and hybrid market, nobody can criticize the sheer chutzpah and vision of Tesla founder Elon Musk. His ability to dream really big whether it is outer space travel, artificial […]