Buffalo Factory starts Production in NY The world class solar manufacturing hub recently started production in New York. Yes, we are talking about the Tesla’s Buffalo solar factory. The idea of this huge solar factory was conceived three years ago, and much has changed in the industry since then especially in terms of prices. Though the […]

State-wise Solar Utilization Rate in India We at Greenworldinvestor had produced two lists in the last months, related to the state wise solar installations (as on 31st Jan 2017) and their respective solar potential.  It is interesting to note that few states though they have a high solar potential have not yet started with any significant installations.As […]

Guest Article Green Energy – UAE The UAE announced at the start of this year that they would be investing £134 billion in renewable energy in order to meet their 50% clean target. This means that they are aiming to revolutionize their energy sources and create more jobs through this significant investment. This could have […]

High Panel Prices in USA The US solar industry has been closely watching the solar panel case filed by two major solar panel manufacturers in USA (Suniva and Solarworld) to impose sharply higher prices on imports of solar panels. These two companies are looking beyond plain vanilla anti-dumping or safeguard duties but want to impose […]