Indian BIS Quality Requirement For Solar Panels Using certification and testing norms has been one of the best ways to discourage imports and promote domestic manufacturing. This also does not fall foul of WTO rules and regulations which make it very difficult to impose duties or give preference to homegrown companies. India has faced the […]

The Plight of Indian Solar Developers India’s solar developers have been looking very smart in the last couple of years as they kept on making money by bidding increasingly lower prices for solar power projects. The rapidly falling solar panel prices allowed them to keep bidding lower prices as the fall in costs more than […]

Rooftop Solar Continues To Grow Exponentially In Australia Due to high energy prices and low solar energy prices, Australia has become one of the best places to install rooftop solar energy systems and already 6 GW of solar capacity has been installed in the country. Australia is unique in the solar industry as it is […]

Storage Renewables – Australia Australian utility AGL Energy wants the Australian government to neither extend the life of aging thermal coal power plants nor build new ones. While AGL  agreed to a request from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to extend the life of 1900 MW Liddell coal-fired power plant beyond 2022, it thinks that it […]

Solar Leasing in India It is sad that India has failed to gather the same momentum in the rooftop solar segment as is the case with ground mounted PV plants. Some of the challenges that the Indian rooftop solar segment faces are cumbersome installation, area requirement, and cost of installation. The cost headache has come […]

New Solar Energy Forecast for 2017 In an uncertain global solar industry, what has been certain is the consistently wrong forecasts of global solar capacity every year over the last decade by analysts and experts. They have been wrong almost every year and always on the lower side as the global solar industry keeps on […]