35% of all the cars sold in 2040 will be EVs Indian city of Nagpur has become the EV capital of India with 200 Electric vehicles being launched by Ola cabs. The city which is home to India’s transport minister Nitin Gadkari has given a whole host of concessions in the forms of taxes, duties […]

Floating Solar Power Plants Can be Exported From China China has become the undisputed kind of the green energy industry with the help of massive government support to both industry and installations. All the major government arms such as policy, regulatory, financing, local government etc. have combined to play a major role in China becoming […]

TN Power Grid remains Stable with intermittent Wind Energy The green energy naysayers have been proved wrong again and again, but they keep coming despite growing evidence to the contrary. The (in) famous Donald Trump has joined the legions of the climate skeptics by taking the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases out of […]

Air Pollution Reduces Energy Payback Period Solar energy has been beating the pants down of all other energy sources. Coal is the worst hit as it was the undisputed king of the power industry with a vast majority of the electricity generating plants in the world using coal as their main fuel source. Despite its […]

Solar plus Storage in India While solar power is making all the headlines today with costs falling far below that of coal and gas based power plants, storage will soon become a major force also. While solar power costs are low, fossil fuel capacity cannot be done away with as solar power is only generated […]