EV Market in China While the Chinese manufacturing industry is extremely strong globally for its low costs and scale, its automobile industry is a nobody in the non-Chinese markets. Cars are still dominated by the western and Japanese car makers. However, the Chinese government wants to change this paradigm with the onset of the electric […]

Nuclear Energy is dying around the world as the high costs and the massive tail risks make it unfeasible in most countries. Many of the big contractors of nuclear equipment are going kaput as they are unable to get orders and even after they get orders face massive cost and time overruns. The two biggest […]

Will Duty exemption Boost Rooftop Solar in India In yet another move to boost rooftop solar in India, the Union ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) has decided to grant custom and excise duty exemption on materials used in solar rooftop projects with immediate effect. This comes after a long time of struggle between […]

China the biggest Beneficiary of Solar Boom in India In continuation of our last Monday’s story “Can Indian Solar Panel Companies Take Advantage of the Solar Boom in India”, there is a recent study by Mercom Consulting reported that China is the largest exporter of solar equipment in India. China accounts for 87% of the […]