Success Of Tesla Solar Integration Highly Doubtful It was a no-brainer that buying SolarCity would be a huge mistake for Tesla. The business model for SolarCity and other solar rooftop installers in the U.S. was broken at the time Tesla bought the company. The only reason that the company was bought out was that the owner […]

Industrial LED Lighting As cliché it may sound, it’s true to state that the lighting industry has evolved drastically in the past few years. The evolution of light bulbs from inexpensive incandescent bulbs to long-lasting and affordable LED lighting had an enormous impact on the lighting industry and is continuing to do so. Light Emitting […]

Solar becomes Power King Displacing Coal Indian solar prices have been crashing to new lows driven by two main factors: a) Falling solar panel prices due to a combination of Chinese overcapacity and rapid technological improvements b) Falling interest rates in India with the 10 years government bond yield at multi-year lows of 6.25% Other […]

Fate of Solar Industry In 2017 Solar panel prices fall has been an industry phenomenon since the last 10 years ever since the Chinese solar panel companies entered the industry in force. Through massive subsidies from the Chinese government, these companies expanded scale like there was no tomorrow and sent prices crashing down each year. […]

Niti Aayog Needs To Take Note Niti Aayog which is the Indian central government think tank in charge of framing the country policies and development targets recently put out a statement pushing for an increase in the country nuclear power capacity, even as this technology has become obsolete and also has massively high tail risks. […]

Indian Governance System The Indian governance system is a chaotic crazy, oversized and lethargic. The competence level except at the very top is quite pathetic. The accountability is even lower since there is almost zero firing in the sector. Most of the government employees live a sheltered, secure life and a government job in India […]