Plight of Indian Discoms Solar prices have been crashing at an astounding rate with each new tender leading to a new lower solar price. Last year the price of INR 5/kWh was considered as a crazy irrational price by Sky Power which would have resulted in a stranded asset. Move a year forward and even the […]

Smart Policy for Nuclear Electric Power in India The Indian cabinet today approved a plan to build a massive 35 GW of nuclear power capacity using domestic nuclear technology and reactors. This is a very smart policy change as it will reduce the reliance on imported reactors and technology for building out India nuclear electric […]

Solarworld which was the largest maker of solar panels in the US and one of the largest in Europe has left the western governments a bit shell shocked. This comes shortly after another major bankruptcy of Suniva which was a big manufacturer of solar cells and panels. Suniva after its bankruptcy declaration had asked that the […]

Should You buy Mahindra’s Electric Car The new Mahindra’s Reva looks like a futuristic stylish car!! Though the car is compact with two doors, it has sufficient leg room for four passengers to sit comfortably in the car. It was India’s first electric car launched in 2001. The hatchback car is fully automatic with no […]

India’s Largest Vertical Solar Farm We have heard about solar farms in India, but have you heard about a vertical solar farm? Yes, you heard it right. India has installed its largest vertical solar farm in the Bangalore campus of Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd. Tata Power Solar, India’s largest integrated solar company, and Dell […]

Solar Prices Keep Falling in India India has done it yet again! In the latest bid for building a 500MW in Rajasthan’s Bhadla solar park, Acme Solar Holdings Pvt. Ltd (for 200MW) and SBG Cleantech Ltd (for 300MW) placed winning bids of INR 2.44/ kWh and INR 2.44/kWh respectively. The other close bids were priced […]