1177 MW Solar Plant in Middle-East The sharply falling prices of solar panels have led to more and more countries joining the solar bandwagon in a big way. Solar is now cheaper than coal in a number of countries and it has become the obvious choice for countries with a low penetration of renewable energy. […]

Large Number Of Thermal Coal Power Plants In India Get Canceled As Solar Power Strikes Fear The recent crash of solar power price to just 4 cents/kWh has led to a massive change in the Indian power sector. We had predicted that solar prices falling by as much as 40% below a new thermal coal […]

Indian Rooftop Solar System still to catch up with Utility Solar in India While the Indian solar industry has been making waves around the world in terms of its low costs, massive growth potential and investor interest, the rooftop solar segment has remained in an anemic state. The government’s target of 40000 MW of solar […]

India to Tax EV @ 12% The Indian government recently set up new tax rates for a large number of goods and services to be sold in India. This was under the broader Goods and Services Tax reform (GST) whereby one single standard tax rate will be set for all places in India, subsuming the […]

State of Wind Energy in India remains dismal even after a record-breaking 2016! While Indian wind energy industry is looked upon as one of the bright spots in a world where growth is slowing, I hold a different view. Even as foreign equipment suppliers rush into India, attracted by the record breaking 5 GW of […]

Solar Radiation Calculation in India India’s space research agency ISRO seems to have found another major revenue stream after it signed an agreement with power conglomerate Adani, to provide accurate solar insolation data using its satellites to the large utility scale solar panel plants across the country. ISRO and Adani have signed an MOU to […]