Time for Annual Solar Installation Check in India It is no doubt that India has set a herculean target to install 100 GW of solar power by 2022. The nation is making rapid strides to achieve this goal. India’s cumulative solar capacity stands at 12,288.83 MW as of March 2017. The country installed an impressive […]

The Advent of EVs in India This post is inspired by a recent article by Benedict Evans on the second order effects in Electric Vehicle Autonomous Vehicle Revolution USA. While this autonomous electric vehicle technology is probably 15-20 years away in India, the change is inevitable and there is no stopping it. Just like Uber took […]

Wind Energy India – Future & Challenges Indian Wind energy capacity jumped up by a whopping ~65% in the current fiscal year setting up a record 5400 MW between March 2016 and March 2017 (in India the fiscal year ends in March). This was not only the highest ever wind energy capacity installed in India […]

Mahindra to expand its EV offering outside India Mahindra which is one of India’s largest automakers and one of the first movers in the Electric Vehicle space wants to expand into the overseas market. The company which has the most famous EV on Indian roads has not got much traction till now. Very few EVs […]

Longi Has A Huge Lead In Technology And Profits Long Silicon Materials along with its subsidiary Lerri Solar has become the world’s most profitable solar panel maker overtaking established companies such as Trina, Jinko and Canadian solar. The company which started out mainly as a maker of low-cost, monocrystalline wafer and ingot producer has subsequently expanded […]

Electric Buses In India Why India needs electric vehicle public transport? Could a mass adoption of EVs help India fight rising pollution? India has some of the most polluted cities in the world with the recent winter smog in Delhi reaching hazardous proportions and blanketing the city in poisonous smog. Even small children were seen […]