Sale of Electric Vehicles Grew by 37.5% in India India has an ambitious target of electrifying all its cars on road by 2030 and plans to have 6 million electric cars running on Indian roads by 2020. Though sales of electric vehicles in India increased by 37.5% to 22,000 units for the year ended 31 […]

EV Market in Australia The Australian government is having a hard time facing the wrath of the electric car manufacturers in Australia. Many of the large automobile companies like BMW, Hyundai and Tesla have called upon government support to promote the running of electric vehicles in Australia. These companies have taken a step forward and […]

Taiwan Solar Landscape The Taiwanese Solar Industry has a long history with solar cell makers Motech and E-Ton establishing themselves globally way back in 2006. However, the Chinese with their low cost manufacturing left Taiwan far behind. Taiwan is a hub of semiconductor manufacturing with some of the leading companies like TSMC, AUO, UMC, HTC […]

Electric Vehicles in China Electric vehicles are gathering the much needed pace to run on roads. The world is getting aware of the perils of pollution and rising global warming levels. Many of the countries have been trying to make a remarkable shift towards renewable sources of power to help fight the issues. Solar energy […]

Will Trina Solar Go Private? The solar industry is booming all around the world, but solar stocks seem to defy the fact as they do not seem to reflect the same in their movements. We hear a lot about the bright prospects of the solar industry and news stating that solar is poised to become […]

Guest Post Solar Mobile Apps As you know that solar energy is the combination of light and heat that is produced by the sun. This energy moves from the sun and reaches the earth where human collects it through solar collectors and convert it into any desirable form of energy. As per the assumption, this […]