Major wind energy companies in India such as Suzlon, Gamesa, Inox were having a good time over the last few years even as most large electricity companies were in doldrums. The feed in tariff policy in wind energy gave them assured returns and allowed them to make high margins with the price paid by consumers. […]

NTPC Enters The EV Market In India India is facing the unique situation for the first time in its history where the power supply is more than demand. The country always suffered from chronic power deficits as generation never kept up with the growth in demand. However, the new NDA government has cleared a lot […]

Solar Carport AT Kochi Airport India’s southern city of Kochi is going to increase the solar energy installation at its facilities. The airport already has a huge 15 MW solar energy capacity which is supplying power for most of its usage. This will further increase by 40% as the authority is going to install solar […]

More EV Charging Stations In The U.S. Have you imagined going out of fuel when driving on a lonely expressway. Probably not! because you have many refueling stations to help you. To reach that stage in context of an electric vehicle, will need many more installations of EV charging stations. The number of electric cars […]

Why Solar Panel Prices Will Fall In India The whole country has been abuzz with the recent fall in solar energy prices in the most recent tender when people bid as low as INR 2.97/kWh or just around 4.5 cents per unit. Even on a levelized basis, the price of around 5 cents was by […]

Benefits of Using An Electric Vehicle Gone are the days when electric vehicles specifically electric cars were regarded as slow and expensive and thought incapable of travelling very far. The electric cars are evolving and now offer much more speed and range to choose from. They are become more reliable than the early days with […]