Solar Products For Indoor/ Domestic Usage The applications of solar energy are increasing each day with solar products being used not only for commercial and industrial purposes but also for domestic purposes. As opposed to the large solar farms and rooftop panels that can be seen on large scale, solar energy has started to find […]

Largest Solar Panel Companies in India Out of 8113 MW of installed solar panel capacity in India only about 5287 MW is operational. The list below mentions the largest solar panel companies in India, basis their installed and operational capacities, according to the MNRE and updated as of December 2016. Total cell manufacturing capacity in […]

Monocrystalline solar panel technology Monocrystalline solar panel technology has long lived in the shadows of multicrystalline solar panel technology. Mono solar panels were regarded as more expensive though they were more efficient in terms of converting sunlight into electricity. The share of mono to multi was generally in the ratio of 1:9. Also the main […]

Solar Boom In The U.S. The world’s 2nd largest market USA saw a massive growth of 95% in 2016 with more than 14 GW of solar energy capacity installed. This meant that solar energy beat all other energy sources such as coal, gas and wind in terms of megawatts installed. Falling solar costs has meant […]

Chinese Solar Companies continue to Grow Its Dominance Globally Chinese solar panels have taken over the whole energy world by storm, with panel prices going as low as 32-33 cents per watt in China. US and Europe have for the last 3-4 years imposed anti dumping duties on Chinese solar panels as they find that […]

Is Sungevity going Bankrupt It is no secret that the residential solar panel installer business model that was going great guns till last year has suddenly gone bust. The biggest solar panel installer Solarcity was going downhill rapidly till it was rescued at the last minute by Tesla who acquired it in a controversial deal […]