List of Solar Installers In South India 1. Harsha – Bangalore Business – Solar project investment 2. Bikesh Jha – Bangalore Website – Business – Solar Analytics 3. SURAJ KUMAR – Bangalore 9916248090 Business – Solar Integrators, UPS and Inverter systems manufacturers + suppliers 4. Dr. Hidayath Ansari – Kerala Website – Business – Solar Product Manufacturer 5. Vedvyas V […]

China is all set to use its 2 km long solar powered expressway. Jinan, the capital city of Shandong launched weight-bearing solar panels stretching for 2km into the city, just before the year-end. The road is made of three different layers, with a top transparent concrete layer, that allows sunlight to penetrate, protecting the solar […]

List of Solar Installers In North India 1. Prachi Gupta – Delhi Website – Business – Testing & Measuring Instruments, Solar PV Products, Hand Tools 2. Dipak Kumar Mukherjee Website – Business – Wind & Solar Energy Forecasting & Scheduling 3. Pankaj Bhatt- Delhi Website – Business – Battery Manufacturer for solar application 4. Vinod Kumar- Delhi Website – Business – Solar PV connector, Rooftop Solar System 5. akansh gupta […]

ReNew Power – IPO ReNew Power Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) of clean energy with more than 3000 MW of commissioned and under-construction clean energy assets. As of November, ReNew Power had an operational capacity of around 2.4 GW (of which more than 60% was constituted by wind and 30% by […]

Guest Post The world is changing rapidly, and so is the quality of the ecosystem. As human beings, we strive for a comfortable lifestyle, one that is often achieved through wasteful and harmful behaviors. Staying warm indoors is a common practice for most. Although there is more than one way to heat your home, have […]

With an ever-increasing population, the roads have become super busy in modern times. They need a lot of power for proper functioning eg. in solar street lights, signage etc. Many a time, road accidents have been reported because of faulty lighting conditions or improper display of signage on roads. Given below are 5 of the […]