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Solar and EVs Could be the Answer to Rising Air Pollution in The Indian Capital

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Can Solar & EVs Save New Delhi?

The air quality in India’s capital has deteriorated from bad to hazardous level. While the government did its bit by banning crackers this Diwali, the stubble burning in Haryana has worsened the current air conditions.

The air quality index of the Central Pollution Control board (CPCB) had a score of 487 on a scale of 500, indicating ‘severe’ levels of pollution. This could adversely affect even healthy people and leave alone those with existing diseases.

Source: The Indian Express

People are asked to restrain from morning walks and children are asked to miss schools –are we treading backward?


Image Credit: DNA India

These are sad times in the Indian capital where you see little children wearing the deathly looking masks while going to school. Times when you see people discussing buying air purifying machines and indoor plants to improve the air quality in their houses. How about mounting solar panels?

By investing in solar energy, one can reduce reliance on fossil fuels and dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2).

New Delhi has remained a laggard when it comes to rooftop solar installations in the city. As per a recent Greenpeace report, only 36 MW of rooftop solar powerBenQ Rooftop Solar Panels has been installed in Delhi as compared to the 1000 MW target by 2020. We all know the importance of using renewable sources of energy like wind and solar to reduce air pollution. Not only is solar energy free but has also registered a constant improvement in terms of technology and efficiency and is running successfully all over the world, challenging the traditional sources of power.

The cherry on the cake is the fact that solar energy is also pretty cheap and has started reaching grid parity in various countries around the world.

Though the Delhi government is now urging Delhiites to use carpooling and public transport, start its odd-even policy, even stopping all civil construction activities in the city and banning the entry of diesel trucks, I think it is high time that the government should mandate the use of solar power and electric vehicles in New Delhi. New EV charging stations, subsidies on buying EVs and installing residential solar rooftops should be encouraged.

The future of India deserves to breathe clean air. It is sad to comment but the truth is the time to take small and temporary measures is gone; the government needs to do something that is capable of bearing concrete and long-lasting results. After all clean air is the need of the hour in the Indian capital. Though the country is a rising star amidst all emerging economies and possesses a huge potential for business and international investment, the capital city is rapidly converting into a deathly gas chamber.

I think sustainable measures in the form of solar installations and faster adoption of electric vehicles could save the Indian capital in the long run.


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