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Eco-friendly Ways to Heat up your Home this Winter

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Despite efforts such as this example from the UK to help combat rising energy bills and keep utility costs down for homeowners, the fact remains that for many, these expenses can still be quite difficult to afford.

So, with winter around the corner and the necessity to keep our homes warm, there are steps you should be taking now to help reduce your energy consumption. However, rather than simply adopting some obvious approaches like turning the heating down a little, there are a number of eco-friendly ways to consider.

Here are a few examples:

1. Green Energy Tariffs

It can be a good idea to make sure your home is effectively insulated first to help reduce general heat loss. Specialist providers like Insulation Giant, for instance, have different types insulation for different purposes and once you have it installed it can be a great way to bring costs down.

Following this, you could look to switch to an energy tariff that is supplied using 100% renewable sources such as wind power. These are becoming more widely-available from leading providers, so make sure to shop around before you invest.

2. Solar Panels

You might believe that solar power isn’t the best idea during the shorter winter days, however, you’d be surprised at just how effective they can be at generating energy. Having these installed on your roof or around your property can be an excellent means of harnessing energy during the day, that you could use to heat your water or power your home. You can also couple panels with storage options to enjoy a continuous supply of power.

You can learn more about Rooftop Solar here.

3. Biomass Heating

Biomass involves the burning of natural materials like wood, plants, and crops to make energy and you can purchase biomass boilers that work with such materials to use for your central heating. These can be expensive to install, but the way to look at this is you can save yourself money in the long run, compared to running a standard boiler system.

4. Wood Burning Stoves

For something that’s both green and aesthetically pleasing, having wood burning stoves fitted in your home to use for heating is a winning option. Modern stoves can feature temperature controls and as such can be highly effective. Another tip here is to use wood which takes a while to burn such as ash or birch.

You can, of course, look to use a combination of the above steps and try more than one eco-friendly approach. When you do, you can soon find yourself making the most of the benefits of greener energy and you aren’t facing sky-high bills during the coming colder season.

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About the Author: This article is written by  Andre Jackson. He is a freelance writer working in the property market. You can reach him on



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