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A Greener Future with Electric Bikes

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Electric Bikes

Cycling has always been an effective way of travel. Not only does it provide regular exercise, but biking benefits the environment by neglecting the use of toxic batteries or motor oil. Pollution is combatted by cycling, the activity boosting the health of the planet at large. Nevertheless, further innovations in cycling are encouraging for a greener future yet still.

Companies such as Brompton are issuing electric bikes, charting a greener pathway to get users fit and healthy. Such offerings open the doors to a wider biking consumer base, with the opportunity to draw more people away from their cars, electric or otherwise.

These bikes are foldable and can also be custom made according to one’s preference.

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1) Open Access

Many can be dissuaded from biking, especially when the media coverage centralizes on the professionals or those who have enjoyed the practice long term. After all, the cyclists look fit and primed to paddle, and thus the newbies aren’t quite as confident to get on the saddle.

Despite the UK government not quite giving ‘e-bikes’ their credit, new riders can find safety and security as they build their routine. In other words, they aren’t reserved for the athletes alone but can be technologically attuned and adjusted to keep pace with the user’s body capabilities or surrounding terrain. Consequently, even the most adamant car user can find a reason to switch, as e-bikes are arguably easier to use.

2) Businesses are Investing

Countries such as Germany are investing a great deal into e-bikes, as the mode of transport has long taken off among consumers. Of course, Europe has always reveled in biking as a popular mode of transport, a central part of the culture in cities such as Paris and Amsterdam.

By comparison, the US isn’t yet at the same level. The market for e-bikes there has seen moderate sales, with the annual sales rate ranging from 50,000 to 175,000. No doubt the sales are stunted by electric bikes being banned in certain states, with campaigners in New York working to lift the ban as swiftly as possible. Subsequently, there is room for improvement in the US, a battle that will take place on a legal level.

3) E-Bikes in San Francisco?

Despite e-bikes limitations in certain US states, California is not one of them. Often known as ‘smog city’, San Francisco is notorious for its air pollution levels that draw continuous criticism. Put simply, the tourist spot has been in dire need of finding environmentally friendly solutions for a long time.

Nevertheless, in a delicious irony, companies in the area have started innovating to get e-bikes out there, knocking down the expense for the public. Additionally, it’s aimed directly at the commuter market, which could feasibly reduce pollution in the many day-to-day trips to work. The push in e-bikes in this area could incite a dramatic change, and ultimately, take a big step toward a greener future for the US.

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