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Go Wireless With Solar Powered Laptops – Review, Price, Specs, Comparison

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Solar Powered Laptops

What is the most annoying thing when working on a laptop? Well for me it’s when the dreaded message pops up saying that my laptop is running out of battery. It is really annoying to get up and put my laptop for charging, as it breaks the flow of my work and gets me entangled in the wires.

What if there is a solution where you can go completely wireless and yet continue with your work. A solar powered laptop is an answer to the question. Laptops attached with solar panels are available in the market. You can continue working and can charge your laptop by just opening up the panels under the sun or placing the laptop under the sun (in case the panels are embedded on the laptop’s lid – Samsung Solar Netbook). It is estimated that once fully charged the laptop can run for more than 10 full hours. Not only will it save a lot of energy, but will also cut the irritable wires.

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SOL Solar Laptop

The first laptop running fully by solar power was SOL, developed by WeWi Telecommunications. It is quite durable, affordable and most importantly self-sustainable. The SOL solar laptop houses 1.86 Ghz Intel dual-core processor, 320 GB storage, 2 – 4 GB of RAM, a cellular modem, GPS, and Bluetooth, standard WiFi, Ubuntu (software). All for a price tag of $300.

Sol Solar Laptop

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Samsung Solar Netbook 

The Samsung Solar Netbook comes with a 1.6GHz N570 Intel Atom dual-core processor, 250GB of storage, and 1GB of RAM all for $400 – $450. Originally introduced for Africa, these laptops were also launched in Russia recently.

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These solar powered laptops can particularly be useful in places where there is a dearth of electricity, or for travelers and field scientists. I think these laptops are pretty decent and affordable when compared with the normal laptops that are available today. The solar powered laptops could be a resourceful gadget for children and people having the urge to learn in far off areas having little or no electricity.


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