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Printable Solar Sheets – Cheaper And Lighter Than Conventional Solar Panels

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Printable Solar Sheets/ Paper Thin Solar Panels

Printable Solar Sheets? Yes you heard it right! Now you can power your home with printable sheets made using solar technology. Ideal for those who want to explore solar, are skeptical about installing rooftop solar or have weak roof structures and remote areas without electricity. The technology was pioneered by researchers in Australia.

Image Credit: Mashable

Image Credit: Mashable

The printable solar sheets are basically paper thin solar panels. Extremely lightweight, these printable solar sheets are made by printing solar ink onto clear sheets mostly made up of plastic. The plastic used is very strong yet flexible. The solar ink that goes into making this solar sheet is the conductor of electricity. These solar sheets are very cheap, currently at $10 per square meter. Only ten printers are required to print solar sheets enough to power 1,000 homes.

Here is a video showing how these Solar Sheets work and their making!

These solar sheets are poised to become the future of electricity. Currently, these sheets are in their final testing phase. The main aim of the researchers of these solar sheets is to reach places which have no electricity. Because these sheets are cheap and lightweight, they would be easy to ship and more affordable. That could also make it easier to reach places hit by a disaster that needs power asap. This is a major advantage when compared to conventional solar panels.

The solar sheets can produce more energy from less direct light. Hence it can be hung on walls, windows, tents or any other structure that incapable of holding a heavy conventional solar panel. These sheets are currently being trialed at a 100msite located at the University of Newcastle and are expected to go live within the next three years. I find it really amusing to hear/ read about such intelligent inventions all around the world. A couple of these could be easily identified and used in India as well which still suffers from lack of resources and power.

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“If I had 1000 square metres of typical silicone cells, that would weigh the equivalent of roughly three African Elephants. 1000mof this material would weigh about 100 kilograms.” said Dr Ben Vaughan at the University of Newcastle.



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