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Solar Blinds – A New Revolutionizing Solar Application

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Solar Blinds – Solar Panels As Blinds

Surprised by the statement … right? Blinds are typically used in a house to keep the sun away. Solar blinds are designed to serve you three purposes: shade your home or office, protect your window during storms and provide solar energy to power your appliances.

Solar blinds are actually solar panels installed as blinds, in your window space. Ideal for apartments which receive a lot of sunlight, these blinds can reduce one’s electricity costs by up to 70%.

Solar Blinds

Source: SolarGaps

The solar blinds are ideally installed on the outside of the window i.e. facing the sun and are capable of producing up to 100 W of electricity. These smart blinds are designed to automatically track the sun throughout the day, adjusting the position to optimal angles to generate maximum solar electricity reaching your home, apartment or office. I could actually compare them to mini solar trackers that can be installed in homes/ offices/ apartments/ cafes etc.

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Currently developed and promoted as SolarGaps Solar Blinds, here is a short video that explains how these solar blinds actually work!

Source: SolarGaps

Advantages/ Features of Solar Blinds:

i) The interior wall brackets of these blinds are temporary with many installation options for homeowners

ii) The solar panels used in these blinds are capable of generating up to 100W-150W of renewable energy per 10 square feet of a window, enough to light up 30 LED bulbs

iii) These solar blinds are smart i.e. they can be easily integrated with smart devices like Google Home, Echo, Nest Thermostat etc. Hence these blinds can be controlled by voice, temperature or any smartphone app.

iv) These solar blinds also provide additional shading for your home

v) The solar blinds also offer a good start for someone who has never used solar or is thinking about going solar. Works well for renters!

The technology looks promising and can find immense application in India where currently rooftop solar is facing many challenges. In my article about why Indian solar developers are not very successful in India, a country which is advancing rapidly towards its 100 GW solar target, I highlighted the fact that Indian solar developers are lacking on new products and technologies that could revolutionize the country. Even small-scale applications of solar like solar blinds can actually be very beneficial in a country like India which receives ~300 sunny days.


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  1. Nishi Jain

    The big problem with solar is that, very limited space is available for installation. Solar blinds is the solution for this problem as it is installed outside of the window
    Nishi Jain
    Urjaswa Solutions Pvt. Ltd