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China Going Green With Trees And Solar Panels

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China’s Forest City & Panda Solar Power Plant

China is all set to become an example for other nations in terms of combating air pollution and relying more on the self-sustainable green energy. The country is one of the biggest polluters in the world with more than 1 million Chinese people dying from air pollution each year. As a result, the air condition of many of China’s leading metropolitan cities is in grave danger.

But China is now taking the matter very seriously and is engaging in building huge structures which will not only help the country fight air pollution but will also go a long way in reducing emissions.  Two of these huge constructions include:

  1. China’s upcoming Forest City

  2. China’s Panda Solar Power

Forest city METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Stefano Boeri Architetti

Forest City 

China’s Forest City – Designated to be completed by 2020, China’s Forest City will be covered with green trees and “green” solar panels. This city is designed by an Italian architectural agency and will include all the attributes of a modern city like schools, offices, hotels, hospitals, and homes. It is expected that about 10,000 tons and 57 tons of CO2 and pollutants respectively can be absorbed by these trees per year, in turn releasing 900 tons of oxygen. Hence the quality of air is definitely going to improve in the residential area. Many solar and wind generation assets will also be erected to make the city self-sufficient and grid independent. This city will be an example for the global communities on how to cut down on pollution.

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China’s Panda Solar Power – A 100 MW solar power plant in the shape of a cute panda bear! A Chinese solar power company, Panda Green Energy, not only intends to attract kids and masses to the benefits of solar with this PR stunt but are also set to reduce the burning of 1 million tons of coal over the next 25 years. The project was first announced as a part of a project with the United Nations Development Program to engage more youth. China is not only doing the right thing but is also advertising it in the right way!

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China is the renewable energy leader both in terms of investment and generation. The aforementioned initiatives further show the country’s commitment towards going green and helping its citizens lead a healthy life going forward. More trees and solar panels need to be planted/ installed worldwide to combat the alarming issues of air pollution and climate change at hand. We hope to see many such forest cities around the world in the near future.


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