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Coming Next – A Gigantic Lithium Battery Gigafactory Next Door To You

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While we think that Tesla stock is overpriced and could face disruption from other automobile majors as they step on the gas on the electric vehicle and hybrid market, nobody can criticize the sheer chutzpah and vision of Tesla founder Elon Musk. His ability to dream really big whether it is outer space travel, artificial intelligence or EVs is what really differentiates him from others today. While nobody really knows whether Tesla can really continue to innovate and differentiate itself in the competitive auto industry, one thing is for sure. The company has disrupted the auto and the storage market big time.

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It is already making lithium ion batteries at its massive Gigafactory in partnership with Panasonic. This giant factory built for billions of dollars now makes as many batteries as all other factories in the world combined. This has led to a huge cost advantage for Tesla in the EV market where lithium batteries make a majority of the cost.


Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla is not stopping there but plans to build another 15-20 Gigafactories around the world. The company is really serious about capturing 10% of the global auto market and thinks that it needs more factories to fulfill the battery demand emanating from increasing sales of its EVs. The company is already targeting the power storage market with its batteries. It already sells a Powerwall to be coupled with solar panels systems in the house and has supplied massive batteries for 10 MWh plus storage systems in California for utilities.

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While Elon Musk is going to reveal probable locations for his Gigafactories for 15-20 locations, his eventual plan is to reach 100 such factories in various places in the world. These would be located near the end markets for his products.


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