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Huge Floating Solar Power Plants May Become China’s Next Major Green Energy Export

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Floating Solar Power Plants Can be Exported From China

China has become the undisputed kind of the green energy industry with the help of massive government support to both industry and installations. All the major government arms such as policy, regulatory, financing, local government etc. have combined to play a major role in China becoming a leader in green energy. With the U.S. abdicating its role in fighting climate change, China will play even a bigger role in the renewable energy industry. The country already has a massive cost advantage in the solar manufacturing, LEDs and even energy storage. It also is home to the biggest wind turbine makers who are building new products for offshore wind energy industry.

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In solar energy, the country has built a giant 40 MW solar farm on the top of a water reservoir. This huge solar farm not only has solar panel arrays but also giant centralized inverters on the top of the Three Gorges Dam. While other countries like India have built some pilot floating solar power plants, they are of a small size and do not have the sophistication and complexity of the large floating power plant built by leading Chinese solar inverter maker Sungrow.

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The company is now in the process of building an ever large plant of 150 MW size on top of a water body, built on top of an abandoned coal mine. If this project is successful like the last one, the Chinese will have developed a new business model to export to other countries. The major Chinese companies are already builders of large solar power plants in countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This will add another major multi-million dollar product to their arsenal.


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