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Norway Leads The Way In Electric Vehicles Revolution With 4x Increase Planned By 2020

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Norway To Become The EV Leader In The World

The Scandinavian country of Norway is one of the leaders in the usage of electric vehicles with the small country having almost 100,000 electric vehicles running all over the nation. This will be increased to 400,000 by 2020 and the government wants to go completely electric by 2025. Norway has one of the highest penetration rates for electric vehicles in the world at 5% and is only second to Netherlands. In comparison, big countries such as the U.S. and China have only 1-2% of their vehicular fleet powered by electricity.


The government has put in place several incentives to increase the usage of electric vehicles. A high exemption of taxes paid on electric vehicles has been one of the key drivers of the increased penetration. The country is showing the way in becoming green and fighting climate change. Despite having a massive oil and gas sector, the government officials are not sold out to the oil and gas lobby like some U.S states are. It is also much more progressive compared to the oil and gas supporters such as Trump and Putin whose countries are investing heavily to promote the increased usage of oil and gas. Transport sector will be one of the main contributors to global warming and unlike the power sector not enough is being done to reduce the emissions here.

Norway’s transport minister has an ambitious target to go completely electric by 2025 and this will mean that the country will have more than 1 million EVs at that point of time which is almost equal to the current stock of EVs the world over. Just as Denmark has become the leader in wind energy, Norway is showing the way to larger countries in going the electric vehicles way.


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