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The 10 Biggest And Best Electric Vehicles Advantages

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Benefits of Using An Electric Vehicle

Gone are the days when electric vehicles specifically electric cars were regarded as slow and expensive and thought incapable of travelling very far. The electric cars are evolving and now offer much more speed and range to choose from. They are become more reliable than the early days with evolving technology and falling costs. Though the electric cars are slightly steeply priced when compared to traditional fuel run cars, they also come with financial incentives that further reduce cost.

Below are some of the advantages of using electric cars:

  1. Environment Friendly – The biggest and the best reason to use an electric vehicle is because it is environment friendly. They do not release vicious gases that lead to air pollution as against the fossil fuel powered cars. People are getting more and more aware about deteriorating air condition and hence the electric cars should be used in increasing numbers to save the environment.
  2. No Fuel or Gas Cost – Since electric vehicles need no fuel or gas to power them, a user can escape the steep rise in prices of these commodities. All it needs is to be plugged in and ready to go another 100 miles.
  3. More convenient – The electric vehicle is easy to recharge. You will no longer need to run the fuel station to get your car recharged before hitting the road! Even a regular household socket could be used for charging an electric car. Just get it tested by a qualified electrician before using it.
  4. Wide range of speed – An electric car can easily run at 100 miles to 200 miles per charge. That is pretty good! The new Tesla electric car model is estimated to run at a speed of more than 300 miles per charge. Volkswagen has also promised a speed of 400 miles per charge for its next launch. These numbers will only improve with passing time.
  5. Cheaper to operate – Electric cars are much cheaper to operate especially in parts of the world where electricity prices are falling. It is estimated that the cost to fuel an EV per mile is almost 25%-30% lower than the cost of gasoline. In many parts of the world the price of fuel (petrol and diesel) is very high thus making electric cars a smart and pocket-friendly choice.
  6. Quieter – Electric cars cut noise pollution as they have less moving parts than a conventional vehicle. They are much quieter when in operation. An electric car is very quiet and very smooth compared to a petroleum-powered internal combustion engine vehicle.
  7. Life & Cost of Battery – Batteries are the integral part of an electric vehicle. Most electric vehicle batteries are lithium ones. The cost of electric car batteries is incrementally improving every year. The full capacity of a lithium-ion battery cell should be good for 300 to 500 cycles. The life of these batteries is pretty long – a good battery could last you upto ten years. While the cost of these batteries is still high, it should come down with improving technologies.
  8. More Efficient – An electric car is around three times as efficient as cars with an internal combustion engine, according to Wikipedia.
  9. Improved Safety – An electric car is safer to use given their lower centre of gravity which makes them much more stable on road in case of a collision. They are even less likely to explode since there is no combustible fuel or gas used.
  10. Energy Security – Since electric cars do not require any fuel, they can significantly reduce a country’s import bills and make them more energy secure. Many countries spend a fortune importing fuel and the prices also keep increasing. The usage of electric vehicles can help in significantly reducing the public exchequer.

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