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Waiting For The Australian Government’s Nod To Electric Vehicles

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EV Market in Australia

The Australian government is having a hard time facing the wrath of the electric car manufacturers in Australia. Many of the large automobile companies like BMW, Hyundai and Tesla have called upon government support to promote the running of electric vehicles in Australia. These companies have taken a step forward and are investing heavily to promote the alternative fuel technology and customers have also shown the willingness to make a shift towards cleaner technology. However, these efforts need some government backing as well. The governments in different countries have the responsibility to support developing technologies especially if it is for the betterment of the society. While educating the customers is the responsibility of these car manufacturers, the government needs to come out with some financial incentives to lure the customers.


The electric car manufacturers have asked the government to introduce financial incentives, such as tax and fee reductions for these cars, tax breaks for manufacturers, abolishment of Luxury Car and Fringe Benefit taxes etc. The government also needs to fund or build the necessary infrastructure to boost the usage of low emission EV cars in the Australian market. In New Zealand, the electric vehicle market has been doing really good with the island nation set to double their new car EV purchases by 2021.

The governments of countries should take pro-active measures to promote the usage of electric vehicles across the world. With rising levels of air pollution many nations like the US, China, India have already taken robust steps in this regard. Electric vehicles coupled with application of renewable energy could help to a great extent fight global warming and rising air pollution.


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