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Solar Powers The Indian Navy Now!

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Solar In Indian Warship

Solar power has reached the sea levels, an initiative appreciated by PM Modi. For the first time, solar energy will be used to power the Indian warships. INS Sarvekshak which is a hydrographic survey ship in the Indian Navy will be fitted with 18 flexible solar panels on board. These 300-watt panels will generate about 5.4 kW power. The power will be used for lights, communication equipment, battery charging and for air conditioning.


Solar power has been increasingly used in the Indian transportation sector. We have already read/ seen solar panels used in boats, carts, airports, trains and pod taxis. Usage of flexible solar panels is not new in the marine industry. For example, the M series of Solara solar panels are made for use in marine applications, on RV’s, caravans as well as on sailing yachts and boats. Sea and salt water resistant modules from the M-Series can be used in  Tsunami warning devices, Bouys for water quality measurement etc.

These solar panels have a dimpled surface which offers the dual benefits of a “prismatic effect” refracting the light from all different angles onto the cells and also acts as a non-slip surface. These solar panels are made of stainless steel they are smaller, lighter, and extremely thin. They can be glued or screwed to virtually any surface and can be shaped to slight curves. If fixed to a solid surface they can even be walked upon.

The major challenge in using solar panels on sea is the saline, humid surrounding and high wind speed which could result in damaging the panels. But using light and flexible solar panels having anti-rust features helped in overcoming these problems. In addition there are ten batteries for storage to enable the usage of solar power for the purpose of lighting during sail. Benefits have already started to show in the form of reduced meter readings and fee maintenance. This will also avoid around 60,225 kg of carbon a year and 22,995 litres of diesel.

Another great step by India towards going Green!


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