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Mindless Karnataka Government Stops Green Transport Option Of Carpooling Citing Obsolete Law

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Carpooling Makes A Lot Of Sense in India

The Indian cities are groaning under thousands of new cars added to their roads every day. Given that India’s per capita vehicle ownership is quite low, the number of cars that will be added In the coming years will keep growing. Given India’s high population density, adopting the private vehicle model of transportation is not feasible. Pollution has already reached critical levels in many cities, with Delhi even coming out with an odd even policy to restrict the number of cars on the road. However, that was a stop gap solution that did not really work.

Public transport is the only option of meeting the commuting needs of the urban citizens. However, the mindless government is working in the exact opposite direction. New age cab companies such as Uber and Ola have brought in new efficiency into the transport sector by drastically lowering the cost of riding. They are environment friendly businesses as they increase the car asset utilization and lower the need for buying cars.


Uber and Ola had also recently come up with car sharing option that allowed 3-4 consumers to share a cab and incentivizing this shared usage through lower prices. These companies were marketing this scheme heavily since it reduced pollution. Public transport in India is generally quite pathetic with most options heavily crowded making people use cars (at least those who can afford them).

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Bangalore which is the capital city of Karnataka is one of the worst cities in terms of traffic congestion. Not only does the massive traffic jams lead to pollution but also a massive loss in economic productivity. The mindless Karnataka government instead of encouraging all forms of public transport is hindering the growth of public transport. Using an archaic law, it has banned the usage of car pooling options. The stupidity of the government shows no bounds as there is no rational reason for stopping car pooling. It is one of the best way to reduce the pollution as well as global warming.

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