The biggest risk cited by developers and investors in India’s renewable energy industry is the ability of the distribution utilities to pay them for the power generated from the solar and wind power plants. While transmission capacity is another big risk, it is still manageable and a one time risk. On the other hand the […]

Another 500 MW Solar Tender in TN Tamil Nadu has suddenly become power surplus after being chronically deficit in power generation for most of its life. The state which is highly industrially developed does not have too much coal and suffered due to a lack of transmission capacity from coal rich eastern and northern regions […]

PRAYAS India We at Greenworldinvestor have repeatedly said that a failure in Indian governments’ policy making has led to Chinese imports of solar panels swamping the Indian market. These imports may cross almost $2 billion this year and could reach $4-5 billion a year, if the Indian installed solar capacity achieves a run rate of […]

Solar energy in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka an island nation does not have access to good quality fossil fuel resources to provide electricity to its citizens. The country which has around 4000 MW of electricity capacity mainly relies on thermal power for generating power. The biggest plant is the Norochalai thermal power plant of 900 […]

China FIT cut China has apparently been mulling cutting solar feed in tariffs by almost 31% in 2017 from the rates in 2016. This would have brought down the FIT to an average of 8-11 cents a unit from a high of 15 cents a unit currently. Note the rates in China are quite high […]

Will the Buffalo Plant make sense now I was perplexed when 3 years ago SolarCity Corp. (NASDAQ: SCTY) announced that it was buying a marginal producer of solar cells and panels in USA and planned to set up a giant 1 gigawatt manufacturing plant. SolarCity at that time was flying high as it was growing […]